Scrambled chinese text in chromium-browser/google-chrome-stable tabs

On adding chinese input (ibus-pinyin etc) on ubuntu desktop, chinese text in the browser tabs became scrambled.

To get back legible tabs, remove the offending fonts:

rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/65-droid-sans-fonts.conf
fc-cache -f -r

In my case it was 65-droid-sans-fonts.conf, but I suppose it could be other fonts that was installed with the browser too.

(edit) Or, reinstall the droid fonts:

apt-get purge fonts-droid
apt-get install fonts-droid

Unicode characters cannot be displayed on Chrome tab title on Linux – Super User
Issue 316723 – chromium – Chinese <title> tags are not displayed correctly


Set up Asus router network printing on Ubuntu

Certain routers like the Asus RT-N66U have built-in network print server capability, which is an under-appreciated feature IMHO. But the settings > add printer dialog in Ubuntu 14.04 left much to be desired when it could not add the printer running behind the Asus router.

As a workaround, run the following command to get a better add-printer facility:


Select Add.

Select Network Printer.

Select LPD/LPR Host or Printer.

Enter router IP (commonly in “Host”, and LPRServer in “Queue”, and select Forward.

Choose the driver that matches the printer to add it to the system. You can now print from other applications.


ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Forum- How to setup network printer in Ubuntu 12.04