Pin deprecates nmake on windows

The latest release of Pin (version 2.12-56759) removed support for nmake (and the nmake.bat that came with it) 😦 Instead, make is now the recommended way of compiling pintools. There are several ways to get GNU make: via Cygwin, MinGW, or download the setup for Make for windows manually. I chose the latter because I have no love for cygwin, which also explains why there is no link for it 😛 Also, getting the entire cygwin just for make is a total overkill. I am already running MinGW from Git for Windows, so the setup alone will suffice.

There we go! Go ahead and make (or make TARGET=ia32, for those who are compiling 32-bit pintools on 64-bit OS). However, make clean still breaks (see link at bottom of post for possible explanation, however the proposed solution is still quirky for Pin), but we shall “make” do for now.

Below are the recent changes, for completeness:

Changes added _After_ Pin 2.12 / 54730
o The PinTools makefile infrastructure has been changed. It is now simpler to use and to modify.
For detailed information, read the documentation in source/tools/Config/makefile.config.
o Nmake is no longer supported on windows. Either use make or the example vcproj file in the
MyPinTool directory.
o Android support has been added. An Android tutorial is avaliable at: <android-kit-root>/AndroidTutorial.
o The directory tree under <pinkit>/source/include has been changed, the include files are now located at:
<pinkit>/source/include/pin and <pinkit>/source/include/pin/gen.

windows – make: Interrupt/Exception caught – Super User


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